Larry Kozin, Founder & CEO
PerfectDreamer Founder, Larry Kozin has been putting people in business for themselves for over 30 years. As the original creator of the furniture broker concept, Mr. Kozin has always thought outside the box and believed in the concept of being able to compete against the big discount furniture stores.

That concept has become a reality. Through years of experience and developing relations with wholesale suppliers, Mr Kozin believes that anyone could use this proven furniture business model as a vehicle to earn a six figure income annually.

Jeffrey T. Rubinstein, President & CFO

Jeff began his career in Finance and Marketing at Anixter, Inc and then U.S. Robotics.  He went on to own two The UPS Stores for nine years, building each of these by triple digits before selling them. Jeff has held various financial, marketing, and sales positions at Chase Bank, Kelly Services, and Sunbelt Business Brokers before joining KozyFurniture as President and CFO. Jeff holds a BA degree in Economics from Indiana University.

Angie Kozin, Vice President
Angie brings over 7 years of furniture & mattress industry experience to PerfectDreamer. Angie understands and served as a local iDealFurnitire Broker and also served as Vice President of a large custom furniture chain in Las Vegas.


Prior to the furniture business, Angie served as the Office Manager of a prestigious, New York Dental practice for 15+ years and brings that organizational experience and leadership to PerfectDreamer.

She is a world class furniture designer, and an expert at showroom layout strategies.
Angie also brings to PerfectDreamer Mattress; humor, organization, professionalism and that Team Player mentality.

Sean Conway, Chief Technical Officer
A 15 year IT veteran with a wide range of skills and experience, is a man who somehow manages to combine high levels of experience and competence in the IT world, with a down to earth and easy to talk to demeanor. One of those rare individuals who really understands the nuts and bolts of technology, and who can also sit down and talk business with anyone. Able to take complex topics and make them easy for anyone to understand, Sean is the perfect CTO who has the ability to Plan, procure, and implement robust networks for any size operation, and who can also then keep them running, train a staff to keep running, or just let the boss know what "needs to be done".
Sean is a subject matter expert on; Web Design and Development, Programming, Server Operating systems (Microsoft, Unix, Etc), Personal Computing, Networking, Internet Hosting.


For a business that loves technology as we do, Sean is a fantastic asset to our team, and is a cornerstone of our plans for the near future.

John Bellave, Director of National Expansion
John has assembled a seasoned and passionate management team that has the best interest of the Company’s distributors, dealers and mfg representatives in mind.

Among the list of Bellave’s accomplishments and holding several global leadership positions, he’s had a big hand in the development and launch of the PerfectDreamer Premium Made Mattress line. It’s no accident that Bellave and his team are focused on American Made products. Bellave said “We’re firm believers in keeping production within the United States and supporting the local economy in every city across the county”.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership help drive the vision of PerfectDreamer. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the relationship marketing industry and is considered by many, to be one of the most effective trainers and motivators in the Industry. John’s experience, passion and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest markets in the world.

He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife JoJo and his two daughters.

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